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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shadow in the Warp!!!

The Dork Club and I have been working on building and painting up a Warhammer 40k army that is Wabash themed.  It has been great fun and we even played a few games with them last spring.  The "Sons of Wabash" Space Marine Chapter is largely successful in beating back the Ork scourge of DePauWaaaaagh.  However, as our champions regroup and celebrate their victories, a garbled distress signal is received.  Contact is suddenly lost with a string of remote mining colonies on the edge of the sector.  It may just be a series of solar flares interfering with the vox signals...or it could be something much, much worse...game over man, game over!


Here are a couple of teaser images of something I've been working on during the summer...

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