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Friday, December 9, 2011


Our final "regular" Dork Club meeting of the semester was a fun one! One of the club's good friends visited and hosted an exciting World War II battle. The game used the Nuts! rule set, produced by Two Hour Wargames, and we found it to be an interesting and fun event. Our game setup was very simple, given that it was our first experience playing this rule set. We had roughly three squads of U.S. army facing off against two squads of Germans. It was a scouting mission scenario, where each team was to locate the opposing force and identify any unit markings from fallen soldiers. The Germans opened fire immediately in an attempt to take out the American sergeants. Nuts! allows for a number of sight and received fire checks to be taken, which allows various players to act in response to the active player's actions. The system took a little time to get used to, but was pretty fluid once we became more comfortable. In the first game, the Americans claimed victory.

In the second game, we played a take and hold mission that focused on a single structure objective, located in the center of the board. The Germans made aggressive initial moves and captured the objective. They were successfully able to keep the Americans pinned down in the surrounding forests, racking up victory points in the process by holding the objective. It was another fun evening of gaming!