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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Deep Strike! Sons of Wabash Arrive!

Winter break was nice and I made time to progress on a few minis! Finally, I finished the test squad for the Dork Club Warhammer 40k army project: The Sons of Wabash Space Marine Chapter! I'm pretty happy with them, especially since it was the first time I played around with custom made water-slide decals.

I'm still working on the back-story for these guys, but here's a sneak peak. Hailing from the planet Wabash Secundus, the Sons of Wabash are a chapter of space marines known for their dedication to tradition and doctrine of honorable victory above all. Chapter colors are white and crimson. Their Codex Gentlemanus provides guidelines for chapter organization, code of conduct, and tactical philosophy. A Black Templars successor chapter, the Sons of Wabash have earned great glory in the infamous Monon Wars. The chapter will never falter in its eternal crusade to seek out and eradicate the epic ork menace of the dreaded DePauWaaaaagh.