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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gentlemen, start your engines...it's DORKSTOCK time!!!

It's that time of the semester again...

The Dork Club hosted its big end of semester community gaming celebration last Saturday! This was the 8th annual spring gaming celebration!  The campus community was invited to join us for an entire day of gaming goodness. Folks were encouraged to stop by and play an old favorite like Risk or learn something totally different like Warhammer 40k, Formula D, Dust Warfare, Uncharted Seas, Heroscape, or Munchkin. We broke our ever-expanding game library for folks to try out a new game or two. We played from noon until around midnight...good games, good food, and great fun for all!

Our favorite gamer historian broke out his copy of Formula D, along with the club's new expansion tracks!  The game is quickly becoming one of our favorites.  Given the large turnout for Dorkstock, we ran a number of games that maxed out at eight players.  The game really shines with eight players!  The initial stages of the race are truly hectic, with near collisions and racers jockeying for an early advantage.  At eight players, race teams become a factor and it's fun to "shake n' bake" around the track and competitors.  It's a really, really easy game to learn and provides infinite replayability.  We ran multiple laps, which is where the decision to pit or not becomes a major factor.  Our historian friend is a natural at the game and typically dominates, but I actually managed to win one race this time.  Everyone had a great time and the level of track talk and "advice" we give each other makes for a wonderful experience!

The day was filled with a variety of interesting and exciting games.  I squeezed in another game of Dust Warfare, a new favorite of mine.  Walking panzers and Nazi zombies...how can you go wrong?  The rules are authored by industry vet, Andy Chambers.  We took the Sons of Wabash space marines out for their initial Warhammer 40k sortie against those no-good orks of DePauwaaagh!  I also got to play a game of Small World, a clever and entertaining take on the traditional Risk vein of games.  It was a great day, filled with fun and camaraderie.