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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cardboard Crizzack? Yes, please...we're playing Magic the Gathering @ the call-out meeting!!

Tonight was the big Dork Club call-out meeting!  Wow, the turnout was great!  Our meeting room was pretty busy and folks were excited about the great events planned for the fall.  It was also such great fun getting to meet new members and learning all about their gaming interests.

The energy was very positive and folks broke out into groups clustered around games like Catan and Magic the Gathering.  A few folks brought out their laptops and played League of Legends and Starcraft.  The game library impressed a number of our new members and it looks like the club games will get a lot of use this semester. 

I started playing Magic the Gathering way back in high school in 1994...which blows my mind since this is the year that many of this year's freshmen were born!  I had one of the deck boxes from the revised set that was literally as old as some of the freshmen playing with me.  It is a superb game that grants you the ability to design a deck tailored to strategies and card combos you enjoy.  It is a simple rule set, exhibits tactical depth, and appeals to the hoarder in all of us!  In addition, the artwork displayed on many of the cards is stunning!  Wizards of the Coast also deserve some serious credit for the extremely powerful business model they have developed for the game....which is evidenced by the fact that it's still thriving after all these years. 

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